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Real Name: Carly C

Birthday: February 22nd, 2001

Siblings: I have two beautiful older sisters.

IHOP or Denny's: Definitely IHOP. I'm in love with their chocolate chip pancakes.

Musical.ly Followers Count: 240K


Lip Sync? That might just be C.C.'s hobby when she's not jumping off walls or sommersalting her way to top of the musical.ly charts. Fawlow sits down with this impressive young talent to learn a bit on how she does it all, and the passion that drives her to success.

FAWLOW : Hi! Uhhh...well, this is awkward .....but what should we call you?
CC : Howdy, well my actual name is Carly but I go by CC.
FAWLOW : Got it (whew!). So tell us CC, what is the most embarrassing tune on your playlist?
CC : My playlists are so weird in general… I have music ranging from Disney to punk rock. I think the most embarrassing is The Internet is Here by Dan & Phil, but I mean that song rocks and plus it's for charity so…
FAWLOW : Hey we don't judge. Well let's get right down to it. First off, you have one of the coolest hobbies of the musers we’ve interview thus far. Is it just gymnastics or are there actual circus shows that you participate in? And maybe more importantly, what type of training is needed for someone to be a professional circus performer.
CC : Thank you, it is actual circus training. I perform with my circus center in local shows and gigs. To train for circus it is different disciplines of dance, gymnastics and then it's own little circus twist. Lots of strength is involved for the acrobatic side of circus and flexibility is always recommended, and the willingness to go outside your comfort zone. I really enjoy the performing aspect of the circus. There is place for everyone in the circus.

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"There is place for everyone in the circus."

FAWLOW : That sounds like an amazing experience, but also a tremendous amount of work and discipline. Given a choice between a career as a Cirque Du Soleil dancer or a full time muser with millions of adoring fans, which would you choose? Or is there a third passion we don’t yet know about?
CC : That is so difficult… well every circus performer gets asked if they are going to eventually perform for Cirque Du Soleil, if I got the chance to perform with Cirque I definitely would not turn it down, but I would like to do stunt work and acting for shows and movies. I love acting on top of circus, so stunt work plus acting is a way to use both of my passions. Also with musical.ly I love posting and seeing that people are trying new things because they saw my videos and being able to see support for circus. I very much enjoy being a role model to the younger musers to persevere, have fun, and to follow their dreams. So I definitely would keep on being a muser no matter what way my career goes because I also get to do something people enjoy watching with something I enjoy doing.
FAWLOW : Well your passion to help "younger" musers at the ripe age of sixteen sure makes us feel old, but I'm sure your fans would appreciate your continued postings especially as your performance career evolves. But let’s dig a little bit deeper on your success on musical.ly. Tell us a little bit about how you got started as a muser. What made you do it? And what was the first clip you shared?
CC : So i started musical.ly right when it started getting big. A couple of my friends had the app and said it's fun so I got it too. I made lip syncs and just put them on private and if I posted them I would delete them soon after because I decided I didn't like them anymore. Then I posted a video I liked of me bungee jumping and I did not go on the app for a few days. Then I got bored and checked the app forgetting I posted that video and I saw that I had gotten my first feature. Once I saw people liked the thrilling kind of videos I started posting training videos and got featured more and more.

FAWLOW : Has being crowned changed anything irl? What advice would you give your fellow musers on the fastest way to get crowned?
CC : I am fortunate to have followers from all over the world thanks to my crown. It has been humbling when people from the local community have sought me out. It has definitely been a lot of fun. For anyone who is wondering how to get a crown they key is to be your unique self. If you have a talent post it, don't try to copy someone on everything you post cause people seemed to like theirs, post something that shows who you are, the world needs you to show up with all your uniqueness. You also don't need to just post lip syncs I mean look at me I post training videos more than anything and I have a crown:)
FAWLOW : If you can collaborate with one muser, who would it be and why?
CC : If I could collab with a muser it would probably be Loren (Beech) Gray, I like her style and she has a cheer background like me idk I would just like to get to have a conversation with her she seems like I would have a lot in common with her. On top of that she could teach me how to be a better muser.

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FAWLOW : You have been sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit (What injustice!). What would be your final meal?
CC : Easy. I would eat a huge bowl of my father's home made caesar salad with a huge glass of iced water.
FAWLOW : Wow! That is so.... healthy. Ok final question. What is the best way for your fans to fawlow you?
CC : They best way to keep up with what this crazy circus girl is doing is to fawlow me on musical.ly (@little.cc) and on instagram (@circus.cc) and hopefully more media is soon to come.

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